Your Guide to Daffodils: The Ultimate Spring Flower

Daffodil Blooms

Daffodils are bright, cheery flowers that are one of the first to pop up in spring. Their sunny yellow blooms are often the brightest spots of color in the cold and barren landscape left at the end of winter. When you see daffodils, you know warm weather is on the way. Daffodils can also be … Read more

Your Guide to Pansies: The Ultimate Wintertime Flower

Pansy Blooms

Ah, pansies. Those colorful, billowy blooms that look like chubby little faces. They’re often the only bit of color in winter landscapes, with their cheery little heads valiantly poking up out of the snow. Happy in hanging baskets, containers or flower beds and with hundreds of varieties available, pansies are a cool-weather favorite. Their flowers … Read more

How to Care for Mums: Tips to Keep Them Blooming All Season

How to care for mums

Mums used to be for grandmas, but now they’re for anyone who’s into fall. They pair well with oversized sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes and white girls dressed like Han Solo. Mums are easy to care for, but also hard. What the hell does that mean? It means that if you think watering plants is a … Read more